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ParserBuilder 1.1


I’ve posted an update to ParserBuilder with two changes:

  • The two fields (data and expression) are now persisted, so if you restart the app, it will take you back to exactly where you were when you left it.
  • Support for un-named/indexed groups. You still can’t mix and match, but for simple things and for fast prototyping it’s simpler to just write (.*?) than to write (?<a>.*?) until you have something that works and then add the name for easier to read code

Those two small things actually makes quite a bit of difference I think you’ll find.

– Möller


Easy Statefulness for Your iPhone App


During development of Citihaiq we spent a lot of energy manually writing support for NSCoder into various classes. After a while it came to me that statefulness of an iPhone app should be easy. I did a bit of digging into the reflection system of Objective-C and came up with a 90% solution. Basically you inherit from a class supplied by my library and name all members you want to be stateful by naming them with the prefix ”stateful_” and now all you have to do is save and load state with two simple method calls when it is appropriate. Versioning and timeout for state is included.

More details can be found at the project page on google code.

– Möller